I love cookies

By on April 13, 2021 under Recipes Ideas

So. I love cookies. I think most people can agree cookies are wonderful. However, what I dont love, are recipes that dont work as well as Id like them to! My sister gave me the Milk Bar cookbook a couple years ago and I had tried making a recipe from them before and had some issues so I put it down. I decided a little bit ago to give a different recipe another shot. I love their marshmallow and cornflake cookies so I decided to give that one a shot! The mix came together really well just as I thought it would and just like the previous cookie dough mix came together, and I rested it just like it was recommended. THEN when I went to bake the first couple test cookies, they flattened out and burned just like they did before! I tried 2 more cookies with different baking temp/time and I had the same issue again. So instead of wasting all the dough, I decided to use my altered time and temp to what I thought would work well along with a ring mold to keep the cookie contained while it baked, and it worked! They obviously came out as perfect circles which was comforting, and the edges didnt burn, and the cookies maintained their integrity! I cant wait to try some other recipes from the book and to see how the next ones bake (with the ring mold)!.