5 Calorie Fixes ideas

By on April 4, 2021 under Recipes Ideas

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5 Calorie Fixes ideas! *Swipe to see more examples of healthier + lower calorie swaps for pizza, sushi and noodles:)…By @collegenutritionist

You can save a lot of calories by switching to lettuce wraps, even, if you bulk up on the insides & toppings! Of course, calories arent the only important piece of nutrition information- with this switch you also cut back on refined starches from the white flour. Watching calories depends on your personal needs & goals! Vary your choices through the week to get a range of health benefits

Lettuce-wrapped sushi to get in good fish & veggies without the extra starchy carbs Alternatively you could eat 1/2 of the lettuce wraps and 1/2 of the rice roll – or if you need more food, choose BOTH

Healthify-ing these pizza bagels by using portobello mushrooms instead of the bread & sliced tomatoesinstead of sauce(which has added sugar!) Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees!

Heres an example of 2 types of pizza – one with a regular flour crust, and one with a cauliflower crust. My PERSONAL satisfaction is THE SAME for these 2 types of pizza – so I typically choose the cauli crust to save a few calories and carbs. But satisfaction varies! If you havent tried cauliflower crust pizza yet – I suggest trying it!

Noodles comparison per 1-cup! Veggie noodles DO have fewer calories, BUT whole wheat noodles have more protein Choose whichever best suits your nutrition goals – or better yet, vary your choices throughout the week to get the range of benefits!